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Academy Bootcamp

Launch your career in cybersecurity with our immersive, hands-on online training bootcamp.

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CyberCamp Academy Bootcamp

Online training with advanced hands-on labs, led by cybersecurity experts.


  • A part-time, 6-month program, starting 10/24/2022 (October 2022)

  • 150+ hands-on labs!

  • Access to 100+ hours of on-demand training videos

  • Blend of live lectures and self-learning

  • Coverage of 30+ advanced tools (Wireshark, Nmap, Nessus, Burp Suite, Autopsy, Splunk, and more)

  • Pay $0 tuition until you find a job earning more than the threshold income of $40,000 a year. Then, you will pay back 10% of your income until the tuition of $15,000 is fully paid (amounts may vary depending on your country).

Apply Now for the Next Cohort (through our partner Masterschool)

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Our world-class instructors are experts in cybersecurity research, SOC management, and application development, bringing years of experience working in the public and private sectors.


CyberCamp’s training provides a wide knowledge base and a set of powerful tools for each learner, enabling graduates to start functioning in a variety of junior security positions. Through building a personal lab and practicing tens of real-world challenges during the course, learners will acquire invaluable skills to give them a strong base for becoming distinguished security professionals, delivering unmatched value to corporations that employ them.



All courses give learners access to our interactive, hands-on online training platform which provides real-life simulations, enabling learners to hone their skills using state-of-the-art challenges. The platform also includes tens of videos and hundreds of resources.

CyberCamp Challenge Zone

Timed security challenges: gaining access to a network, writing an automation script, or defending an endpoint.

Real-world Projects

Build a real-world security program - an IDS/IPS, Advanced Port Scanner, or a Banner Grabber.


The CompTIA Security+ certification voucher is included in the tuition cost of the Masterschool training.

This program provides hands-on training and preparation for the following industry certifications:

  • CompTIA A+

  • CompTIA Network+

  • CompTIA Security+

  • CompTIA CySA+

Student Testimonials


"I'm very glad to have taken part in CyberCamp's course. It was just what I was looking for. I had just finished my degree in Computer Engineering and I've always been fascinated by the cybersecurity world. At the university, I received only theoretical knowledge in this field and I wasn't ready at all to start a cybersecurity carrier. It was amazing to have practical exercises involving many tools that are used by companies all over the world to perform penetration tests. When I had some problems with new subjects, I always found a solution with the help of my colleagues and, overall, of our brilliant instructor. I recommend this course to all those who want to start their journey in the cybersecurity world." S. Russo, BS, Computer Engineering


"I recently finished CyberCamp's online course, it wasn't easy but I enjoyed the structure of the course and I got to know great people that were collaborative and supportive. I am still in touch with some of my cohort members! I learned about Linux and Windows OS administration, network and host security, and more. The training is aligned with skills that are highly demanded by security teams, increasing the chances of landing a junior job after finishing the course. CyberCamp provided everything I was looking for and I am a proud alumnus!", A. Verderone, BS, Computer Science

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