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Expert-led online private training to upskill your SOC analysts, penetration testers, vulnerability researchers, and developers.

Training That Makes The Difference.

Live-online classes with advanced hands-on labs, led by Israeli experts.



Our instructor-led training programs are taught either in a virtual classroom or on your corporate site, with an industry expert, to guide you through the learning process, answer your questions, and provide mentoring and guidance.


All courses include learner access to our interactive, hands-on online training platform which provides real-life simulations, enabling learners to hone their skills using state-of-the-art challenges.

Training Catalog

Our broad training catalog covers Cyber Security, Linux, Networking, Development, and Android.

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Beginner-Intermediate Level

  • Web Application Security (5 days)

  • Automating Information Security with Python (3 days)

  • Reverse Engineering and Binary Exploitation (10 days)

  • Advanced Windows Forensics (3 days)

  • Advanced macOS Forensics (3 days)

  • Advanced Linux Forensics (3 days)

  • Advanced Smartphone Forensics (3 days)

Intermediate-Advanced Level

  • Threat Hunting, Digital Forensics and Incident Response (5 days)

  • Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis (4 days, Linux/Windows, ARM, X86, x86_64, MIPS)

  • Active Directory Exploitation (3 days)

  • SEH Based Exploits (3 days)


Beginner-Intermediate Level

  • Introduction to Linux and Open Source Development (3 days)

  • Comprehensive Linux Fundamentals (5 days)


Beginner-Intermediate Level

  • Comprehensive Networking Fundamentals (5 days)

  • Network Security, Security Devices and MITM Attacks (3 days)


Beginner-Intermediate Level

  • Python Programming Bootcamp (7 days)

  • Secure Web Application Development (4 days)


Beginner-Intermediate Level

  • Android Bootcamp (5 days)

Intermediate-Advanced Level

  • Advanced Android Security (5 days)

The training curriculum can be adjusted to client-specific needs.


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